Check This Out – Art You Can Touch and Even Sit On

I’m telling you, furniture is where it’s at these days. First we have all kinds of new weird and wonderful things coming out of ICFF, and now we have a canvas print you can sit on. Throw out all the rules you learned in art museums, because Canvas is one piece you can definitely touch.

So, Canvas looks like it’s just a print of a sofa or a chair on a canvas propped up against the wall. You think that someone is maybe planning on hanging it on the wall soon. Well, you’d be wrong. This Canvas isn’t for hanging – it’s for sitting. There’s reinforced flexible material behind the section of the canvas that shows the chair or couch – so, if the Canvas is leaning against a wall, you can sit down, and the canvas will stretch inwards enough to where you can sit comfortably without the whole thing crashing down. It is the most avant-garde piece of furniture ever.


Canvas was designed by Tokyo-based design house YOY, and is available in both sofa and armchair varieties from Innermost.