CardMunch is Dead, Long Live LinkedIN and Evernote

buscardsBusiness cards. What do you do with them? Make little houses? Use them as coasters? Pretend they’re shurikens? Well, now you can actually use them a they were meant to be used – as a way to keep in touch with a business contact. Of course, the old days of calling someone’s phone number on a business card are long gone. Evernote has finally managed to take the business card into the 21st century with their new partnership with LinkedIn.

Being introduced today for iOS devices, and coming soon for Android, is a business card camera feature that premium Evernote subscribers can use. Just get any business card on your table in the frame, and the app will automatically take a picture and harvest information, running it through LinkedIn. That will create a new note that you can search for, which will stay up-to-date as the owner of the business card updates his or her LinkedIn profile. You can create a whole notebook around that one contact, too, including any relevant documents. If you do a lot of business with someone, it’s a nice way to log all that in one searchable place, while knowing you’re always going to have the most recent contact information about that person.

The new feature is for premium Evernote subscribers, but if you opt to link your Evernote account to your LinkedIn account, you can get one year of free access to the new business card feature. Considering that linking those accounts is what’s going to make this whole project work, Evernote probably hopes very much that you do that.

And if this service sounds familiar to you, that is because the CardMunch app has been offering this type of service for free for several years. A while back LinkedIN purchased CardMunch and had suspiciously stopped updating the app. With today’s announcement it’s now clear why the social networking giant had abandoned the CardMunch app – and unfortunately something that was once freemium, just became pay for play.

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  1. You can use “keep” from Google to take pictures of business card then use transcribe feature to scan everything on business card.