You Won’t Need to Fly a Flag, These Freak Masks Will Do Just Fine

Not sure where to start with the Freak Mask. It’s a mask of your face, that you wear over your real face. Or, it can be a mask of another person’s face. I don’t know, but I’ll give them this, they definitely are freaky.

Basically, send Firebox a close-up, high-res picture of your face, or your mom’s face, or whoever’s face, and they’ll send you back a lycra mask with that face printed on it. There will be eye holes, and that’s it. It’s, um, well, you can look at the pictures, which in this case, really are worth a thousand words.

These masks are surely going to be used in music videos in the near future, and may or may not be the subject of a bank robbery controversy at some point. For now, muster up your very best mean mug, have someone snap a picture, then send that in with $42.09 so you can get your best face immortalized.

One Comment

  1. Thats just odd. I do see these as being part of someones next bank robbery kit. Just odd.