Watch Out for a Sad Face! New App Uses Emojis To Calculate Tips

Tipping. Just such a struggle, isn’t it? Good thing there’s Gratuity to help us navigate the choppy waters of bill disputes and make sure everyone goes home happy, with no one dreading the thought that they might have left a couple dollars too much on the table.

Gratuity won’t just help you out at the restaurant, though. Using the app, you can choose what kind of venue you’re at – say, restaurant, bar, or, if you’re at home, for delivery – and then have the app calculate how much to leave for a tip. You can even rate your service within the app, which will adjust the tip accordingly. You can let the app do all the heavy lifting, or put in your own percentages. But, if you’re looking for the easiest method – if you’re downloading this app, I’m pretty sure you are – you can just enter in your total and number of people in your party, rate your service, and be done with it.

Gratuity is available now for free on iOS.