Every iPad Needs a Maleficent Horned Helmet Decal

Maleficent iPad

Well, it’s a shame Maleficent didn’t wreck Snow White’s business, too, or this decal would have been perfect. Alas, the apple is not Maleficent’s weapon of choice, but don’t let that stop you from grabbing a decal for your iPad.

An iPad is what the picture shows, anyway. Obviously, you can put the decal anywhere, so if you have a spinning wheel laying around somewhere, that would be ideal. The Maleficent decal is of the suddenly in vogue horned helmet, and is 3” x 2.3”. It’s part of a series of Disney-related silhouette decals, of the sort that tend to be associated with the Apple logo.

You can buy a single decal from Etsy seller AnchorKrafts for $6. If nothing else, you can slap some on your devices and tell everyone else that touching them without your permission comes with a curse.