May the 4th Be with these Star Wars Headphones from 50 Cent

Star Wars fever – well, in some sense, it never died down, but if there was a lull, it’s coming to an end now. Episode VII is distantly on the horizon, and that means it’s time to get the hype machine going full speed. And May 4th is right around the corner. You know, a twist on “May the force be with you.” So, get ready for a flood of awesome Star Wars merch to pour forth in the next few years. Let’s get the party started with some headphones.

50 Cent’s headphone brand, SMS Audio, is bringing forth four special edition Star Wars versions of their Street on-ear headphones, so you can represent whatever faction you’ve thrown your lightsaber in with. There are Rebel and Empire headphones, along with one that has a Stormtrooper mask and another that bears the Mandalorian insignia, to represent Boba Fett. There might be no more satisfying way to get some John Williams tunes in your ear than these. That said, the Street headphones are pretty bass heavy, so you might have to find some dubstep remixes of the Imperial March to really get the most out of them.

All four versions of the headphones are available now for $200. Coming with the headphones is a whole treasure trove of extras – a T-shirt if you order between May 4 and May 12, plus a Star Wars embossed carrying case, a Star Wars cable with 3-button microphone, a cleaning cloth, a 12” x 18” poster, and a sticker sheet. Good, SMS. Good. Let the merch flow through you.