Ohio Teen Gets Bionic Hand

bionic6n-5-webBy far one of the coolest fields in technology right now is prosthesis – prosthetic limbs aren’t just for show, anymore. The latest prosthetic limbs are the bionic limbs that science fiction has always foretold, giving people a fresh shot at living life with fully functional arms and legs. The latest example is a teenager from Ohio, who recently received a bionic hand thanks to a little help from her friends.

Torri Biddle, a 19-year-old from Ohio, was born without a right hand. If that was a disability, Biddle didn’t treat it as such – for one, she was on her high school basketball team, and even had a crossover move, which is by far my favorite part of this story. Still, what comes next is pretty awesome, too.

Despite doing well for herself, all things considered, Biddle always wanted a bionic arm, something that has existed for some time now, but at extremely high prices. Fortunately, her friends started a campaign to get noticed by The Buried Life, an MTV show that recently wrapped up. The Buried Life revolves around the question ‘What do you want to do before you die?’ Torri’s friends responded with a hashtag campaign – #HandforTorri. Her friends wanted to see her with a right hand before they died, and the people behind the show made it happen.

They reached out to Invisible Children and the Hanger Clinic, which specializes in bionic prosthetics, to outfit Biddle with a $150,000 bionic right arm. She got the TV moment first – an announcement in front of 1,500 people on a stage in California. A couple weeks after that, she finally had a right arm, which she can use to do things that require even fine motor skills, like tying shoelaces. It’s also helped her get a job at an ice cream shop, which is awesome, because who wouldn’t want to get ice cream served by the bionic woman?

Via NY Daily News