This Smart Pepper Spray Has a Camera Inside – Meet the Defender

There’s long been interest in using modern technology to help in emergency situations. More often than not, this has come in the form of an app – apps that send alerts to emergency personnel in case a panic button on the app gets pressed, or something that can record audio during an emergency situation. A lot of those same apps make your location visible to trusted contacts and emergency responders.

The problem with those apps is that the first thing you’ll need to grab in an emergency situation is your phone. If that emergency situation involves someone threatening you with bodily harm, your phone probably isn’t the first thing you want to grab. It’s one thing where apps are never going to be the ideal solution, because apps can’t do anything to protect you in the moment.

Defender-and-app (1)

What can help you in the moment? The strongest pepper spray available. Until phones come with pepper spray, devices like the Defender are probably going to be the better choice. The Defender takes that pepper spray, then combines it with everything those apps above can do. That includes, with one touch, instant connection with the Defender’s 24/7 monitoring service. If you find yourself in a crisis, the monitoring service will be able to track your location and send emergency personnel your way. This way, you get both physical, in-the-moment protection, plus peace of mind, knowing that responders will be dispatched to your location ASAP.


A lot happens all at once when you use The Defender. The Defender immediately snaps a photo of the perpetrator and simultaneously the assailant is informed their picture has been sent to law enforcement.

In addition, GPS coordinates identify your location, The Defender app enables you to identify yourself and all of this is sent to law enforcement and emergency responders. Its speakers and oscillating light are strong enough to draw attention to you, and alert anyone else that might happen to be in the area. Meanwhile, the people behind the Defender have their own team that can work as a go-between, communicating with responders and letting you know that help is on the way. The Defender does all of this over a Bluetooth connection and a smartphone app on your phone, but the important thing is that you’ll never need to touch your phone in an emergency situation. You’ll be able to focus on protecting yourself. It’s a fantastic idea, and it might be the most genuine, well-thought out application of modern technology to crisis response there’s been yet.

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