Red Fitbit Does its Part for Healthy Hearts


For the month of May, Fitbit is selling their Fitbit Flex in bright red. A limited edition bright red version of something usually seems to mean a good cause is involved, and the red Flex is no different – Fitbit is working with the American Heart Association to support Go Red for Women, a movement to help draw attention to women with heart disease and provide education about how to pursue healthier lifestyles.

Fitness tracking, if only as a means to get motivated, fits right into that. The Flex is part of what has become a pretty significant health movement, helping people learn more about their own bodies, and what they can do to stay fit over the long term. So, it’s a great gift for mom, to help her stay healthy and happy for a long time. Being May, you can get a red Fitbit Flex just for mom – pre-orders come with a Mother’s Day card, which gives more information about what Fitbit does. Also, each sale, Fitbit will donate some money to Go Red for Women – $10 for each Flex tracker and $2 for each Flex band.