Samsonite Just Bought Speck For $85 Million Dollars! We Get the Inside Scoop

Throughout the smartphone era, Speck has been a leader in making your smartphones survive accidental trips to the pavement. The case maker has become well-known for its CandyShell line – dual-layer cases that provide shock absorption and protect from scratches. Well, another company that knows a thing or two about tough exteriors and soft interiors has snagged Speck for $85 million – Samsonite.

Samsonite has been making moves to extend their reach past just luggage, buying French fashion company Lipault and now buying Speck. From the sounds of it, the Speck name will live on, but could possibly have more of a global reach post-acquisition. Samsonite is more well-established and deep-pocketed, and has stronger distribution chains. Being part of Samsonite should make it easier for Speck products to find their way into more countries and more retailers worldwide. In an email, a Samsonite representative backed that up, saying ‘We see exciting opportunities to leverage Samsonite’s well-established distribution network and retail presence to further strengthen Speck’s business in the U.S. and significantly build the presence of the brand across Asia, Europe and Latin America.’

The representative also talked about why Samsonite made the purchase, saying

‘this acquisition enables Samsonite to enter the fast-growing protective cases market with a focused, well-positioned, leading brand.’

Speck definitely fits that description, as it brought in net sales of $104.8 million in 2013. Samsonite sees room for growth, noting that smartphone and tablet sales are still growing, and, maybe more importantly, that the number of cases per device is growing, too, as cases are being seen less as a practicality and more as a fashion statement.

There could be some crossover between the two brands, too – while the Speck name figures to survive, the company itself will be fully integrated into Samsonite. Will you be traveling with a CandyShell suitcase someday? Might be.

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