Samsung Galaxy S5 Review in 11 Memes


The Samsung Galaxy S5 for AT&T has finally arrived and it’s sure to be one of the hottest smartphones of 2014. But what makes it so hot? What are the features of the Galaxy S5 that you won’t want to miss? We break it down for you in 10 memes.

Selective focus for DSLR-like shots, HDR for brighter photos, plus a wealth of other features, all make the S5’s camera top notch.


The 5.1” Full HD Super AMOLED Display is detailed and super vivid. It’s one of the best displays you’ll find on a smartphone.


Thanks to the Qualcomm’s new 801 Snapdragon Processor, you’re also getting one of the fastest smartphones on the market.


For those who appreciate an extra level of security, the S5 has a fingerprint scanner.


The S5 is a complete personal fitness tracker with a built in pedometer that is capable of tracking your walking distance, calories, speed, and duration with the S Health app. Pair the app with one of Samsung’s wearables and you can extend those features to your wrist.


The faux-leather finish on the back side of the Galaxy S5 is a nice touch.


Ultra Power Saving mode turns the display to grayscale and ensures that you can still receive calls, even when you’re battery is super low.


Like its predecessor, the S4, the S5 doubles as a universal remote control.


The TouchWiz U.I. has been refined and cleaned up and now looks better than ever.


It’s both water and dust resistant and meets IP67 certification.


The Gear Fit, Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo are wearables designed to work in beautiful tandem with the S5, and they are also three of the most sophisticated wearables on the market today.


The smartphone competition is heating up, and it’s no longer enough to just strut a great display and heat performance… not that the Galaxy S5 doesn’t have that too, because it does. But it’s the Galaxy S5’s most unique features that makes it stand out, like the fact that it’s water resistant and dust resistant, and its beautiful line of compatible wearables further help make it standout from the competition. We also appreciate that Samsung has revamped the TouchWiz U.I. to be cleaner this time around, without taking away any of the cool features that were introduced with the S4. The Galaxy S5 variant for AT&T also offers incredible speeds – we saw downloads of 75Mbps in New York City, while AT&T also provides comprehensive national and international coverage for your S5. On the other hand, even with the new leather-like back finish, the S5 is still quite slippery to grip. Fortunately, the accessory and case line up for the S5 is quite vast and getting a good case can easily help solve the slippery grip issue.

The Galaxy S5 is available from AT&T for $199 on contract or $649 off contract.

Buy it!

The Good: Excellent camera with plenty of features, beautiful vivid display, water resistant and dust resistant for klutzes, large accessory line up + Gear wearables, crazy fast fast performance thanks to the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Processor inside, TouchWiz U.I. has been cleaned up, neat battery saving feature extends battery life when you’re in a bind, works as a personal fitness tracker and has a built in heart rate sensor, also packs in a fingerprint reader for additional security.

The Bad: Grip is still slippery and body is plasticy, heart rate sensor can be a bit flaky

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  1. “wearables”
    as if simply putting the name there makes the phone magical.

    Thing is, it DOESN’T work ‘beautifully’ with those.

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