Will Women Want Skullcandy’s Ladies Only Headphones?

Ladies, have we got a pair of headphones for you. Skullcandy has really out done themselves this time around with a girls only pair of on-ear headphones. In fact, they have come out with a line engineered for women on-ear and in-ear headphones. Knockout is the poster child of this new line of headphones. It’s a brazen name for a pair headphones designed exclusively for women. Skullcandy describes the headphones as a product “engineered, designed, colored, cushioned, and patterned to actually fit women and what we want. “ Their words – not ours. That said, we give Skullcandy props for attempting to satisfy our feminine ears. Most women want their headphones to look good, be comfortable, and sound good. On top of that, it is really important for them to be durable.

In the looks department, Knockout is available in three different styles. Our favorite is the floral pattern which is especially loud and badass, and totally a showstopper – literally. Other women were able to spot them a mile away and seemed in awe of the pattern. Some guys were impressed with the pattern too, and even dared try on these girly headphones. Hey, it is the age of the millennial after all. No judgments.

There are even subliminal messages sprinkled on and around the headphones. The statement “Freedom is the freedom to be who we are” is placed on the ear cup and on the inside of the headband it says “Land on your feet.” These are great words of wisdom for women – and for everyone actually. The floral patterned version is especially loud with the gold hinges and maroon headband. And while the floral design is prominent , the signature Skullcandy skulls adorn it as well, its placement on the ear cups are especially striking. The headphones also collapse and are easily portable. But what might be the real stand-out for us is the coordinated wristlet that serves as a case for your headphones and can also double as a makeup bag. It.Is.Adorable.

Comfort wise, the ear cups fit my petite ears – so good job with that research study Skullcandy. The ear cushions are comfortable and I’m able to wear them for significant amounts of time. The headband is a bit stiff, but it’s not a deal breaker. Our biggest gripe would be the proprietary headphone cable. With a 2.5mm input, if it breaks, you’ll have to go through Skullcandy to get it replaced. We also had to make sure it was tightly inserted inside the input, or the right ear cup became dead.

Overall, the looks are a knockout, the collapsible design on the other hand is a bit weak, and depending on how many times you fold these headphones, the hinge may give way over time.

Looks, check. Comfortable, check. Durable, maybe. Now lets talk sound. Skullcandy claims these headphones were acoustically tuned for women. What does that mean exactly? Well according to Skullcandy – deeper cleaner, bass, and natural sounding vocals. Ladies like that. Heck, I know plenty of dudes who like that too. In all honesty, Knockout is just ok in sound, there really wasn’t anything that called out to me specifically as a woman. The sound however is sharp – highs and mids swell on your typical pop tunes. There is also a decent amount of bass. Overall the sound is very loud but there isn’t too much body, however, the music that an audience interested in these headphones would listen too – performs decently.


Let’s keep in mind, these headphones are $99.99. That isn’t really a budget price-point, but certainly not high-end either. We appreciate what Skullcandy tried to do here and we commend them for it. After all, we have observed over the years that ladies are generally picky, and that they generally don’t want to wear bulky behemoths on their heads. Instead, they want something comfortable and fashionable that even attracts a few stares here and there. Skullcandy manages to accomplish both of these aspects quite well. That said, while the sound spectrum may not appeal to hardcore audiophiles, your average consumer will enjoy the sound experience and how loud and crisp it sounds. But while we are impressed with the exterior, we aren’t all that impressed with the construction of the headphones. Manufacturing gripes aside, like we said, these are only $100 bucks. Will these headphones actually appeal too women? We know of a few women who are already planning on getting a pair. So, good job Skullcandy.


The Good: Love the floral pattern. If you are going to get a woman’s only pair of headphones, you might as well go all in. The included wristlet can double as a makeup bag or cute clutch. Sound is loud and crisp. Comfy ear cushions. Will woman want it? Yup.

The Bad: Not the best build quality. Not a balanced audio experience. The in-line headphone cable has to be jammed into the ear cup tightly or you’ll experience static or a dead ear cup.


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