Anyone Looking to Buy a Star Trek Inspired Mansion for $35 Million?


Have a friend named Scott? Want to ask him to beam you up? Have $35 million? Perfect! Then you can have the ultimate Star Trek experience.

Just head on over to Boca Raton, where the home of Marc Bell, the guy behind FriendFinder, is now up for sale – all 27,000 square feet of it. It’s become known as the Star Trek mansion, although the entire thing isn’t a Star Trek playground. The name comes from the home theater, which is based on the bridge of the Enterprise. There’s even a bar near the home theater that mostly looks like the original bar that was on the Enterprise. Airlock doors with sound effects are here, too, to properly seal off the home theater from the real world.


The whole home theater is 1,400 square feet, which, I’m not sure, but that might be bigger than my apartment? Seems likely. Anyway, on top of the bar and the theater (which is fully loaded with the latest and greatest, including 3D projection), there’s also a ‘ready room’ stocked with memorabilia from the Star Trek television series and movies and (gasp!) the Star Wars movies, including props, models, and drawings from the sets.

But, that’s just 1,400 square feet. What about the rest of the mansion? Well, it’s less Star Trek, but it’s no less impressive. One highlight – Marc Bell must like his themed rooms – is a Call of Duty video game room, built to look like a military encampment, if military encampments had massive televisions and Xbox Ones.

But, it’s all now on the market, and Bell is looking for $35 million, which would make it the most expensive home ever in Boca Raton. Of course, if it was a real Star Trek replica, money wouldn’t be necessary. Just saying!

Photography by Andy Frame.

More information on the real estate listing can be found here.