Stella McCartney Transforms Maleficent into Designer Cosplay for Kids

Angelina Jolie’s crack at bringing Maleficent into the postmodern era is hitting theaters in a matter of weeks, and that definitely means that Maleficent is going to be the new hotness in 2014. Winter’s over – Anna and Elsa can go chill for a while.

So, parents, be forewarned that dresses like this will soon be mandatory. Stella McCartney has created a pint-sized version of Maleficent’s garb, complete with wings and horned helmet. It’s cool, the helmet is made of velvet. There’s also the benefit of getting your kids started early on discovering the nuances of villains and how sometimes, the villains are really all of us. Or, it’s an early way to get Halloween sorted. Either way.

If it’s going to be a Halloween costume, it’s going to be a pricey one at $140, but it just might be worth it – 10 percent of each sale goes to SOS Children’s Villages, a non-profit that sets up communities in several countries across four continents that give orphans and fostered children a safe place to grow up.