Bespoke Clothing Retailer Ted Baker Takes on the Audio Business

Ted Baker Over Audio Headphones_Group

Another day, another Bluetooth speaker. It seems to be a common trend these days. So much so, that even high-end luxury retailers are still continuing to try their hand at it. Enter Ted Baker, a UK clothing retailer who has refined, and redesigned what they perceive a Bluetooth speaker and headphones should look like. The difference being between the Ted Baker collection of audio products compared to others, is that they actually designed theirs from the ground up. Taking nearly three years of development and seeking out acoustic experts to create products with hi-fi sound.

Fastnet may not be the best name for a Bluetooth speaker but its design influenced by the 1930’s certainly is impressive and striking. The speaker also folds and has an integrated microphone. Fastnet pairs to your phone, laptop or any Bluetooth-enabled device, and keeps two pairings in memory.




Lastly, Rockall is Ted Baker’s introductory headphones and boy are they fashionable. The Rockall’s integrate a mix of design originality, high performance and are over-ear headphones that are foldable. Available in Brushed Silver with Black or Tan headband/ear cup cushions, or Brushed Champagne Gold with White headband/ear cup cushion.

It looks like the Ted Baker audio collection is certainly going to be a head turner for guys and girls alike. The catch? For now, it looks like this collection is only available in the UK. However, within time, I’m sure they will be making their way to the US. I mean, don’t we all need another pair of headphones?!  I know I do.