WD Refreshes Their Media Streaming Box, Debuts WD TV Personal Edition

There’s a new home media streaming device coming from WD, called the WD TV Personal Edition. It’s kind of an update to their WD TV Live Hub from a couple years ago, but with some notable changes.

First of all, the WD TV Personal Edition does away with internal storage, which is balanced by the fact that it now has built-in Wi-Fi. Instead of storing all your files on the device itself, you would use the WD TV as a true hub, connecting all of the storage devices you have laying around the house. And, like the older WD TV Live Hub, this box supports a very wide range of media file types, so anything you have stashed away should be playable. On top of your own content, you’ll still be able to access apps like YouTube and Hulu Plus through the WD TV box.

The big focus with the WD TV Personal Edition is the elimination of wires. You’ll still be able to connect storage devices via USB, but built-in Wi-Fi should make things a little more convenient. As far as streaming goes, WD’s box now supports Miracast, which can stream 1080p content to other Miracast-compatible devices wirelessly. Even control is going wireless – iOS and Android users can download the WD TV Remote app, which does what you probably think it does.

The WD TV Personal Edition will also be a little cheaper than its predecessor, likely because it axed the 1 TB of internal storage. You can find it in stores or online now for $100.