Check Out This Latest GPS Tracker for Dogs that isn’t Hideous!

We’ve seen a fair amount of dog-friendly tech come through in the recent past, but WhistleGPS has to be commended for keeping track of your pet by way of one of the most practical, affordable products to come to market yet.

GPS trackers for dogs are nothing new, but it’s always a good thing when battery life goes up and size goes down. If Fido doesn’t care much for being overburdened by people technology, that’s no good, either. WhistleGPS is pretty small – maybe a little less than twice the size of a quarter – and weighs 16 grams, so it should be comfortable for your dog to wear on its collar. You should get about a week’s worth of battery life out of it, which is longer than a lot of other doggie GPS companions.

Part of what makes these improvements possible is that WhistleGPS will work with the Sigfox network. If that doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because it hasn’t been rolled out. Later this year, Sigfox will begin to go online around the world, and aims to be a low-power cellular network dedicated to the Internet of Things – so, your cache of smart things like your smart thermostat, smart refrigerator, and all that. Connecting to a low-power network will use less battery power, and will also keep monthly costs for using the Sigfox network for things like WhistleGPS low.


From now until May 28, you can pre-order WhistleGPS for $50 – otherwise, it’ll retail for $130. WhistleGPS is scheduled to ship early next year, after the Sigfox network has gone live.