13 Must-Have Gear for Summer + Headphones Giveaway!

Summer 2014

It was a long, bitter, cold Winter and now that Summer 2014 has finally landed (Spring, we hardly knew you) it’s time to load up the car with some essential Summer gear. That means everything from headphones to hangover pills. We have 13 essentials items that will make your Summer 2014 memorable as well as unforgettable.  We’re also giving away a pair of Monster Ncredible N-Tune headphones.

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Monster N-Tune Headphones

Monster N-Tune Headphones in Pastel

Monster’s popular N-Tune headphones have gotten a summer face-lift. The entire line-up is now available in fun pastel colors that will blend nicely with any beach cover-up. The perfect companion for those lazy sunbathing days.

Jabra Solemate Max

Jabra Solemate Max

Let’s get this party started! It wouldn’t be summer without a blow-out beach party. The Jabra Solemate Max is the perfect boombox for any bash. The design withstands the elements and will last for hours on a single charge. And when the party is over, just grab the handle and go.

Incipio Case

Incipio Floral Print DualPro

When you think of Summer, you think of flowers and beautiful blooming gardens. This latest case from Incipio is just that and it requires no maintenance or watering. But if it does get caught in the rain, no worries, this hardy case can take it.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Folding Sunglasses

It’s sunny and that means you need to wear a pair of shades. When you are in need of a pair of retro-tastic looking sunglasses, head on over to Glasses.com.Using their high-tech VR app gives you the same experience as shopping at Sunglass Hut. The prices are usually cheaper, and the customer service experience is top notch. The future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades.

Samsung S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

What is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite phones so far this year. The S5 packs in a whole lot of goodies as well as the intuitive Milk app for curated songs just for you. Not only will it keep your health in check, but it can also handle a few splashes from the pool.


Roku Stick

Sometimes you have to travel with your entertainment and the Roku stick is perfect if you want to binge watch, as a group, the second season of Orange is the New Black. The stick is tiny but the Roku interface is slick and so is the remote.

dyson Am06

Dyson AM06 Fan

It gets hot in the Summer, and one thing is for sure, unless you got yourself a fully loaded Summer rental…you are going to need a fan! The Dyson AM06 is easily portable and fits into any room to cool you off. You feel that Summer breeze? Yeah, I knew you would like that.


Chanton Style Baby-G Watch

Swimming, building sandcastles, and playing volleyball, are all favorite pastimes during Summer, and the Baby-G keeps track of the time while enduring all types of conditions while you play and soak up the sun. Water, dust, sand, and even a cocktail won’t kill this watch – just a bad attitude.


Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay

The sun is setting over the ocean, you have your best cardigan on and your date by your side. What else could top this evening? How about a glass of Chardonnay from Horse Heaven Hills Winery. This smooth, yet flavorful wine, with its vanilla notes is the perfect way to cap off a Summer night.

Acer Memopad 7

Acer Iconia One 7 Tablet

Besides listening to music by the beach, there is nothing better than playing a game, reading a good book, or just scanning the latest happenings of your friends on Facebook. Powered by Intel, the Iconia One 7 promises a seven hour battery life and comes in a wide variety of colors, is super portable, and retails for only $130. So if it ends up getting washed out to sea, it won’t hurt your pocketbook too badly.

Chaco Flip Flop

Chaco ReversiFlip Flip Flops

Flip flops are a Summer staple, from now until mid-October you will wear those rubbery shoes into the ground. Well Chaco is making the flip flop a little more unique by offering up interchangeable straps. That’s right, no one says flip flops were supposed to be created equal. You can choose from a variety of different straps making your ReversiFlip stand out with it’s own personality.


Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker

If you are more of a loner, and prefer your speaker to be loud yet subtle, the Fugoo speaker might be perfect for you. It has a fun compact design that is easily portable. But it is also uniquely designed to stand out from the rest of the Bluetooth speakers out there.

Toniiq Hangover Pills

Toniiq Hangover Pills

It’s Summer. You like to party but you also don’t want to feel like hell the next day. Toniiq will get you through it, without feeling like you have been run over by a truck. Just take the pills as directed and your liver will thank you for it.


  1. In addition to the headphone, I would really like the folding Ray Bans, or the bluettoth speaker.

  2. Those purple headphones and the Ray Bans are sick. The Galaxy S5 is awesome too. Keep up the good work guys, you’re awesome!

  3. It might ot be the most glamorous pick but I think the
    Dyson AM06 Fan is pretty amazing!

    ellen beck

  4. I think the hottest on the list is the Jabra Solemate Max. I just love myself some speakers.

  5. I Really love the Headphone and really need a good set but beside them the Acer Tablet is very nice and I would Love to have one.

  6. I think the Dyson AM06 Fan is absolutely AMAZING!!! I have wanted once since I first heard about them!

  7. I love the headphones, especially the purple ones…and the
    Acer Iconia One 7 Tablet looks pretty cool.

  8. i think the galaxy s5 ..seems right now its hot.. few weeks something new. i love bluetooth speakers too fugoo

  9. I think the headphones and Galaxy s5 are awesome but really I love all of it thank you for the chance

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