BeoVision Avant is a Luxury 4K TV with Tricks

A lot of times, there’s not much more to say about a 4k television other than that the picture quality is really pretty because it has a lot of pixels. But, the new BeoVision Avant TV from Bang & Olufsen throws in a few curveballs that make it one of the more intriguing 4k prospects to hit the market.

As far as image quality goes, 4k resolution is backed up by Chromatic Room Adaptation. Most 4k televisions have dimming technology that actively adjusts on-screen images pixel-by-pixel based on the content being viewed. The BeoVision Avant adds to that, analyzing room lighting conditions and adjusting the image on screen accordingly. This way, glare is significantly reduced, and the image stays consistently terrific as time passes from day to sunset to night.

Bang & Olufsen have also used their expertise in sound when designing the BeoVision Avant. The television has a built-in 3-channel speaker system including three tweeters, three mid-range drivers, and two bass drivers. If you’re using the television with your own surround sound system, the television will intelligently use the on-board speakers to complement what you already have, by providing enhanced stereo sound or focusing more on dialogue while your subwoofers handle a lot of the background noise.

The television can also move to face you when you turn it on, so you can tuck it away in a corner when it’s not in use. To keep as a low of a profile as possible when not turned on, the sound bar on the bottom folds up into the television unit when you turn the television off. You also have the option of ditching the stand and mounting the television to your wall, or using the table stand instead of the floor stand.

The television also includes a special remote that can be programmed with settings or favorite channels. That includes Internet radio, to an extent—Bang & Olufsen has partnership deals with Deezer and Spotify.

The BeoVision Avant TV is one of the more sophisticated 4k televisions we’ve seen come to market. That said, you’re going to lose out on some smart TV features you might have come to expect out of a television by now. But, if you have your own set-top box or video game console, that’s probably not a huge deal. It is a pricey television, though—it’s on shelves now for $8,000, and currently only comes in a 55″ model.