Beats Updater App is a Must-Download for Beats Pill or Studio Wireless Users

Anyone who has a Beats Pill, Pill XL, or Studio Wireless headphones can still get a little more out of their purchase. Those three products work with the Beats Updater, which provides software updates to your Beats—including some new features coming your way soon.

For Pill or Pill XL owners, the new software updates speed up boot times and allow you to use the speaker while plugged in by hitting the large ‘b’ button. The Pills are also better about volume syncing. If you tap two together for stereo sound, the new updates will automatically sync volume levels. If you’re using your smartphone to control volume, the Pills will automatically sync to your phone’s volume level. Finally, the speakers can go to sleep automatically when not playing music, to save battery life.

The Studio Wireless headphones will only see minor tweaks to power settings. You can download the Beats Updater for Mac or PC here.