Watch Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Mobile Game Trailer Now!

Kim Kardashian App

Get excited, you guys. There’s a Kim Kardashian game on the horizon, and the object of the game is to try to successfully replicate Kim Kardashian’s career arc. Details may vary.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is a mobile game where you create and customize your own celebrity self. You can choose your own celebrity profession, but that’s by-the-by—the real meat of the game is just you hanging with other celebs, going to red carpet premieres and trying to raise your profile. You will deal with paparazzi (no word on whether or not face-punching is an option), travel to Miami and New York (you will be based in Los Angeles, which goes without saying), and pick up celebrity boyfriends or girlfriends at hot Malibu beach parties or wherever. I don’t know if Kanye will be in the game, but Kim certainly will be—she teased the game with a picture on Instagram of her doing voice work, and the description says you can hang out with Kim in-game. So, there you go. Just moments ago, she released the trailer to the game.

Being a mobile game, there’s also room for social features, like helping your friends attain friends in their games. Facebook might have something to do with that, I don’t know. You can probably find out for yourself—there’s an hour-long playthrough of the game from TouchGameplay, which, with apologies to everyone, I did not watch.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood will be out for Android and iOS next week. The game is being developed by Glu Games, which has been responsible for a lot of licensed games, including games for SpongeBob, Tom and Jerry, and the Flinstones. Seems about right.

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