Tamagotchi Friends is Going Augmented Reality with New App

Tamagotchi is continuing its weird and wonderful game/lifestyle brand reboot with brand new augmented reality clothing. They’re doing that by partnering up with KuKee app, an augmented reality app for iOS.

If you’re into Tamagotchi, the branded shirts will be a reward in and of themselves. But, if you and your Tamagotchi-loving friends want a little extra fun, you can use the KuKee app to scan an AR marker found on the shirts. That will open up a part of the app that will you let create digital versions of yourself decked out in, what else, Tamagotchi gear, along with a Dream School student ID card. Of course, none of this would be worth it if you couldn’t share it all on Facebook, which you can certainly do from the app.

Not sure about prices yet, but we know that Evy of California, the company actually making the shirts, will be rolling out the new line this fall in the United States and Canada.

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