Woman Documents Her Life With a Cardboard Cutout Bradley Cooper – Seriously

This is the story of one woman so attached to an idea—a dream—that the inconvenience of carrying a life-sized cardboard cutout of another human being is as nothing. Danielle Davies is living that dream, one picture at a time, with cardboard Bradley Cooper ceaselessly in tow.

My Life With Bradley Cooper has its own website and Instagram page documenting Davies’ life with a cardboard cutout of Bradley Cooper. Davies, 39, is married and has two children—a family that tolerates, if is not enthusiastic about, Davies’ exploits with her cardboard boyfriend. The source of the madness is Davies’ actual ties to Cooper—they went to the same college, and at some point were on stage together during a production at Villanova University. Incidentally, Cooper transferred to Georgetown after his first year at Villanova. I’m not entirely sure that’s a coincidence.

Anyway, the Instagram page documents Davies’ adventures with the well-dressed Cooper cutout, which includes grocery shopping, yard work, sleeping, reading with the kids—pretty much anything and everything a 30-something mom might do in the average week. Cooper smiles through it all. The family members in assorted pictures sometimes smile.

Before you go cracking jokes or wondering if mental health services are needed, keep in mind that a Davies is writing a book about her life with cardboard Bradley Cooper, which will probably become a more lucrative prospect now that her website is getting more press (and more Instagram followers). If you’ve got a better way to make a bunch of money with nothing but a camera and a cardboard cutout of a celebrity, I’d like to see it.

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