Horns Required for this Maleficent Cocktail Dress

If you want to look like Maleficent out in public, but not too much like Maleficent, here’s the dress for you. Think Geek has a dress vaguely reminiscent of what Maleficent wears in the new movie, which works pretty well – people who get the subtle reference will give you a hat tip, anyone else will think you’re just wearing some dress. Nice compromise!

No, there is no room for wings or horns here, just a black A-line dress with dashes of lavender. You can go incognito sorceress! Or, I guess there’s nothing stopping you from getting a horned helmet and rocking that, either. Ball’s in your court. There are no back holes for wings, though, so that’s a shame, if you were planning on sprouting some of those.

Think Geek has the unfortunately spelled I Am Malificent Dress for $40.