Mod Folio Modernizes the Three-Ring Binder


Folios and three-ring-binders are so ’90s. They’re so ’90s because after the ’90s, we got smartphones, and then we got tablets, and then we didn’t need paper very much anymore. But, This Is Ground thinks that the venerable old folio isn’t passé, it just needs a 21st century refresh. By the looks of their new Mod Folios, they’re right.

The Mod Folios are made out of leather, and feature magnetic inserts instead of the three-ring binder system. They’re selling Folio shells for all kinds of people – jewelers, illustrators, designers, executives, and so on – with specialized slots and pockets. All Mods come with pockets for smartphones, cards, charging cables, and so on, so both your high-tech and no-tech traveling needs will be covered.

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If you’re multi-skilled, you can grab magnetic inserts for your folio – same idea as adding a new divider into a three-ring binder, only this time you’re just snapping them in place.

The Mod Folios look a lot more classy than a three-ring binder, and are probably more useful, too. They’re all made of leather, with three choices – toffee tan, tobacco brown, or silver dollar. Prices range from $250 to $290, with inserts ranging from $60 to $100.