Monster Meek Mill 24K is the Golden Nugget of Headphones: Review

Monster just released some serious headphone bling! Their 24K over-ear headphones are entirely covered in fab gold sexiness. These premium headphones feature a DJ-style build, Monster’s ’24K next level sound’, giant plush cushions, and an inline ControlTalk with microphone. Plus, they’re limited edition by rapper/producer Meek Mill.

Is it real gold? No. Maybe a little? Nope, but it still has a really nice shine to it. Needless to say, these are some flashy headphones. They also have a slightly tough and industrial appearance. The cups have a few (cosmetic) screws around the perimeter and a sweet 24k badge. The cups actually rock gold colored metal that’s matte with a nice shimmer. The headband is plastic and extra glossy. I had more than one person exclaim they look like C3PO headphones (when he was gold, obviously).

They 24Ks are indeed large headphones. They’re over-ear and the large plush cushions will surround even the largest ears. They’re very comfortable and there’s good cushion on the underside of the band. They can, however, make your ears a little sweaty after an hour or two of use.

The 24Ks don’t collapse or fold, instead the earcups swivel, DJ-style. For this reason, they’re not especially portable. There’s a silk-like protective case that will really only protect from scuffs and scratches. For mostly plastic headphones, they feel pretty durable. You’ll still want to be careful with them.

Monster included a removable cable that’s thick, black, tangle resistant, and complete with a ControlTalk + mic. There’s no volume buttons on the remote, but the universal button allows you to answer/end calls, control music, and activate voice activation. Complete compatibility will vary, but everything works perfect on iOS devices. The microphone sounds just as good as Apple’s.

The large earcups deliver on great noise isolation. Music stays in and noise stays out. This leads to a better music experience in louder environments, like the subway. How’s Monster’s ‘next level sound’? It’s arguably better than Beats Studios. Similarly, they’re bass-heavy. The bass is warm and not too overpowering. The mids and highs are both clear and crisp, but a bit recessed. If you’re into club, rap, or electric, you could easily love them. You can really feel the music—they immerse you in sound. If you prefer more well-rounded headphones that shine for all genres, then you may not be as impressed.

These Meek Mill 24k Over-Ear Headphones are most definitely bold headphones. Their large size and extreme bling takes the right type of someone to rock them. You wear them with pride and/or expect to look a bit silly. Pricing in at $279.95, they’re pretty expensive. They are, however, limited edition and one-of-a-kind in terms of appearance. It’s the price to pay to truly stand out with unique looking headphones. For sound quality alone, you could get something more affordable and even stay within the Monster family. They’re not yet on Amazon.com so you’ll have to get them on MonsterProducts.com.

The Good: Unique, Shiny, Blingtastic, Audio you can feel, Inline ControlTalk with microphone, Removable headphone cable, Comfortable, Good noise isolation

The Bad: Expensive, Plasticky, Not foldable/collapsable — not portable, Recessed mids and highs