Sting, Yes that Sting, Helps Invent Indestructible Soccer Ball for a Good Cause


Back in 2010, around the time of the South Africa World Cup, a partnership between Sting and inventor and entrepreneur Tim Jahnigen bore fruit – One World Futbol, a soccer ball that can withstand any kind of punishment without deflating. It was made to be an indestructible soccer ball, ideal for kids in refugee camps, war zones, and hazardous environments, and it was successful.

Now that the World Cup has come around again, it’s a good time to remember that One World Futbol is still around, and its existence is certainly no less important than it was four years ago. One World Futbol uses a simple one-for-one model – for every ball you buy, one gets donated to a refugee camp, war zone, disaster area, or inner city through a number of non-profit organizations based around the world.

The ball itself is made of a kind of a foam that can keep its shape – even after being flattened, it’ll pop back up as the foam reinflates. It’s filled with this foam, so it’s impossible to deflate because of a puncture. That’s the danger when traditional soccer balls are donated – once flattened or deflated, there isn’t an easy way for children in those areas to repair or reinflate the ball. The One World Futbol can be a serviceable ball for decades, regardless of the damage it takes. You can buy a One World Futbol here for 39, which comes out to about $53.