Rent LEGO Sets with a Pley Subscription

LEGO as a subscription service? That’s what Pley has been offering since last year to avid LEGO fans of all ages, earning itself the title of “the Netflix for LEGOs.”


The comparison is apt—you browse through Pley’s selection of LEGO sets, queue up the ones you want, and then get the top set on the queue mailed to you. Pley handles all of the shipping costs on their end, so you only need to worry about the monthly subscription fee and which set you actually want to get first. When you send a set back, you’ll get the next set on your queue, while Pley will take the set back and clean and disinfect it before sending it out to someone else.


They’re even lenient on lost pieces—up to 15 pieces per set can be lost without incurring extra charges, as long as you report the pieces lost when you send the set back. Pley will replace the pieces before they send the set out again. If somehow you manage to get a set short of a few pieces, Pley will send replacement pieces along as soon as you notify them. And, if you’re especially enamored with a particular set, you can buy it off Pley, after which you’ll get the next set on the queue (which you will probably also want to buy).

Pley’s been doing alright for itself over the past year. After getting started last summer, Pley has tallied 21,000 subscriptions, with over 101,000 sets sent out. An average of about five sets per subscription over a whole year does seem pretty low, so I’m sure Pley is hoping the service gets more traction in the year to come. It all depends on how people look at LEGO sets.

The monthly subscription fee depends on what size set you want to receive—$15 per month for small sets, $25 per month for medium sets, and $39 per month for large sets. That’s a good deal for the right kind of LEGO fan. Those of us who hoard LEGO bricks in the hopes of building an entire add-on room out of them one day would probably still rather buy the sets. If you’ve got an uncontrollable LEGO addiction, but don’t thousands of LEGO bricks to clutter up your place (or you’ve had too many traumatic incidents involving your foot and a LEGO brick), Pley should hit the sweet spot in terms of value.