Dragon Inspired Outfit Hits the Fashionware Runway Show

templatesCE Week may be over but the fashion will always live on. A one stop shop for NY’s geek-erati, but this year they got treated to a bit of high fashion as well. The runway show combined wearable fitness, one of a kind high tech fashion design, robotics, and program for young kids.

mips and dancers

Every fashion show needs a little song and dance routine.  Here MiP, the Mobile Inverted Pendulum, dances with  a local NYC dance troupe.  What makes MiP so unique is its dual wheel balancing.  It uses GestureSense so you can communicate with it through gestures.  It’s LED “eyes” and arrays of sensors make it incredibly capable of moving, carrying and obeying commands. And they make great dance partners.



Growing the newest generation of fashion designers is Crayola. Virtual Design Pro Fashion Collection lets kids challenge themselves creatively as they use colored pencils to design and draw chic attire in the 20-page fashion sketchbook. When the looks are ready, kids can bring their creations to life with iOS and Android devices in a virtual augmented reality fashion show.


The Dragon Queen is a collaborative design evolved from Victoria Secret Wings. Created by Elle Nguyen, Aman Dhalay and Yeats Wong (The Yeats Magic Company).The outfit draws from Indian and Chinese design themes. The dragon interacts with the audience through a mobile app that controls its movement through WiFi. The dragon’s power comes from a combination of an EZ robot controller, a speaker, 3D printed eyes, and LED strip lights.



Hexoskin’s biometric shirts give you insights about your physical training, sleep, and daily activities. Hexoskin’s textile sensors track body metrics including movement, breathing and heart activity. The app has personalized training options and depicts information in clear summary reports. The base layer shirt and tank top work with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.


strokes and dots with hearing aid

Strokes and Dots is an outfit inspired by early modern art but it combines speed, graphic design and technology. The LEDs woven into the fabric are motion and sound responsive and the dress is an elegant fashion statement. The model is wearing ReSound LiNX is the world’s first Made-for-iPhone hearing aid.  ReSound LiNX connects to your Apple device via 2.4 GHz technology, allowing users to stylishly and discretely control user settings via an app, geo-tag audio preferences for places you frequent and even stream music, phone calls and turn-by-turn directions.


valerie montagne and zazzigems

Valerie Lamontagne’s Future Matter outfit for 3lectromode combines high-couture with high-tech engineering. The fabric is made from hand-woven cotton with digitally-printed silk textiles, electronic hardware, and hand embroidered hard and soft circuits. LEDs and a motion sensor are integrated into the fabric, transforming the rhythm and illumination of the LEDS with the wearer’s movements.

The Zazzi collection from FashionTEQ is beautiful and functional high-tech jewelry. The collection includes a ring, pendant and a cuff, all made from sterling silver. These pieces are interchangeable so that your Zazzi can be worn as different accessories. The ring lets you tuck your phone away but still stay in touch, notifying you when you‘ve got a text, call, social media message or message. It also displays ever changing custom images on the jewelry’s face.

skulpt aim

The bikini is designed in collaboration with OuiSurf in Montreal and made with active water activities in mind.  To keep her body bikini perfect, the model is using the Skulpt AIM. The size of an iPhone the AIM can be held up to any muscle in your body to measure muscle quality versus body fat.  The data is synched via Bluetooth to a personal online dashboard or mobile app for users to track progress over time, set goals and see which muscle groups may need improvement.



Gabby is wearable doll called a Chatster from SpinMaster Toys.  With a personality of her own, she interacts with you in tons of different ways. Accessories like the included chocolate cupcake, eye shadow palette, and her pet puppy, Sprinkles each elicits a whimsical conversation. Inquisitive about you, Gabby asks about everything from your fav pizza to dinosaurs vs. unicorn preferences.  Gabby will listen to your music and dance along.  Let her know your feelings by touching her glasses and then unlock bonuses on Gabby’s Chatster mobile app.



The Proxima jacket tells a high tech love story.  Laura Dempsey, Hannah Newton, Ben Reed and Dan Damron, and Chris Zal from Sait RadLab wanted to create a physical manifestation of the electricity produced between two lovers as they move closer to one another. The outfit uses an RFID reader, addressable LEDs and a WiFi dongle to allow it to respond to physical proximity.

On her wrist is the Healbe Gobe. It’s a full automatic body manager that does much more than count steps. It’ll monitor calories consumed and burned, pulse wave, hydration, sleep, and most important, stress levels.


pretty in pink make fashion
This pretty in pink outfit is from Kenzie Housego, Amie Mae, Stacey Morgan and Dan Dameron at Make Fashion, the pink look was inspired by the Mr. Selfridges, a Masterpiece theatre show with World War I as its backdrop. The multiple tiers of the skirt are accented with under-lighting, which creates an individual spotlight for the wearer. The hat uses audio circuit technology, which pulses in a pink/purple spectrum to music. The pink feather fan uses a gyroscope and programmable LEDs that light up with the users movements.

The model wears a Narrative Clip which snaps a picture of her life every thirty seconds. It weighs only 7 ounces and sits unobtrusively even though it holds more than 4,000 photos.  It’s for those who love vlogging through life.



This chic daytime dress is inspired by a garden party from the 1950’s but it’s decidedly high tech. The combination of fiber optic cable, individually addressable LED lights and pulse sensors work together to sparkle. The sweetheart neckline is adorned with LilyPad Arduino twinkles. From the design team of Kenzie Housego, Amie Mae, Stacey Morgan and Dan Dameron of Make Fashion.


velodyne vdress

The headsets from Velodyne inspired this creation. The Velodyne’s vFree® are wireless and Bluetooth enabled. With personalized skins you can instantly and easily change the look of your headphones to match your outfit or mood. Her shoes were designed and printed with a 3D printer.


gojii wtf and tie boy

The modern working man might wear these smartphone savvy WTF jeans.  The jeans use nanotechnology fabric, making them water, oil and stain resistant. The “smartpockets” clean and polish your smartphone while protecting it from damage and providing easy access even while seated.

On his wrist he wears Goqii is a complete health/fitness monitoring ecosystem. Behind the sleek wearable wristband lies complete access to live Goqii coaches, experts and even Goqii karma points to help reinforce and reward  healthy behavior. The band measures steps, distance, calories, time, sleep and tracks your karma points.

The LED tie creates a vibrant high tech look.  It was created by MakeFashion.



What bride wouldn’t want to wear a dress that was as spellbinding as this?  The designers call it the biometic bride.  It’s intricately patterned material is woven with fiber optic cable, individually addressable LED strips and pulse sensors.   This allows it to react to movement and music as the audience stays riveted.

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