Men, Would You Spend $11K on a Beauty Gadget?

Will the Foreo Luna Luxe give you about $11,000 worth of better skin on your face? I don’t know, but it sure looks nice, doesn’t it?

The Luna Luxe is a motorized brush that purports to improve complexion. The brush tips are made of silicone and are controlled by dual motors. Using something called Dual T-Sonic technology, those dual motors make those silicone brush tips pulsate 8,000 times per minute to blast away anything clogging up your pores. The reverse side, which is less intense, is supposed to make you look younger. For men, the vigorous brushing is also supposed to help prevent razor burn, so that’s nice.


So, why do these things cost thousands of dollars? Platinum base on the men’s version, 18-karat gold base on the women’s version. Put it all together, and you have the Luna Gold going for €6,000 and the Luna Platinum going for €8,100. That’s about $8,190 and $11,060—chump change when it comes to your skin, right?