Knomad Mini is a Wallet for the 21st century

Knomo has made some great tablet folio cases in the past, but the Knomad Mini goes far beyond being just a case, while retaining the style we’ve come to expect from the brand. The Knomad Mini is more like a wallet for the 21st century, holding all your essentials in a sleek, easy-to-carry folio.
When you open the Knomad Mini, you’ll see space for pretty much everything you might need or want to carry around with you on a daily basis. Dedicated pockets for an 8″ tablet and a smartphone and joined by elastic bands that hold your charging cables, earphones, and a flash drive, plus an SD card slot pocket. Next to the smartphone pocket is a slot for you to put a slim battery pack, which you can order from Knomo along with the Knomad Mini. Like a wallet, you also have slots for credit cards and cash. A passport pocket is there for the frequent travelers, and, in the rare cases you might need to have one, there’s even a place to slot in a pen.


Seeing as how you’re going to be packing your entire life into this thing, it’d be handy to have some backup should you lose it. Knomo has always made that extra effort, which continues with the Knomad Mini. There’s a MyKnomo ID number on every unit—whoever finds your lost Knomad Mini can go to Knomo’s website and enter that number, after which Knomo will arrange to pick it up from them and deliver it to you.

And, lest we forget, the Knomad Mini looks fantastic. It’s made of cotton canvas twill fabric, with brass details and leather trim. Meanwhile, everything you store on the inside will be protected by microfiber lining. You can get the Knomad Mini in one of four colors for $60.

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