Monster’s SuperStar Portable Speaker is Pocket Sized Perfection: Review

This is the speaker you want this summer. Monster nailed it with their pocket sized bluetooth speaker. The Monster SuperStar is the World’s Smallest Audiophile speaker, according to Monster. It’s capable of cranking out some serious sound for it’s size. It’s water resistant, micro-USB rechargeable with a nice sized battery, and … colors!

The Monster SuperStar is, in fact, pocket sized. It may not fit in your skinny jeans, but it fits fine in all of my (mens) shorts and pants. The device looks and feels amazing. It’s almost entirely rubberized and looks like it could take a beating. The thick rubber casing is not just cosmetic, it makes the speaker IPX-4 splash resistant. The buttons are rubberized and the ports have rubber covers. The speaker is also light enough that you could easily forget it’s in your bag or backpack. Beautifully, this small speaker is capable of standing up on its own. It’s petite size and thin profile makes it convenient for plopping anywhere and everywhere.

The SuperStar is a bluetooth 4.0 speaker. It has the same easy pairing process as any other bluetooth device. For complete compatibility, there’s also a port for a 3.5mm speaker cable. It charges with a standard micro-USB cable and it’s capable of cranking out five hours of playback.

On the front of the speaker is a large circle with a Monster logo. It looks like a button but don’t press it because it’s actually a bass radiator; there’s one on the back too. You’ll see (and feel) it vibrating with music playing. The buttons are on top; there’s volume, bluetooth, and a power button. Unfortunately there’s no music controls. There is, however, a microphone so you can make speaker phone calls. There’s even noise canceling to help call quality. It’s great for conference calls. It sounds just as good as iPhone’s speakerphone, it’s just a lot louder. There’s also a couple LEDs on the top for pairing status and battery power.

For it’s size, the audio capabilities are amazing. It can crank out some serious sound. At a reasonable volume it’s crisp, clear, and detailed. People will have a hard time believing it’s coming from such a small device. When you crank it passed about 75% max volume, you’ll start to hear some slight distortion, but that’s pretty much expected for it’s size. It produces nice bass that complements the mids and highs. It’s a very well balanced speaker. It will get loud enough to power a small party with ease.


There’s really no drawbacks to the Monster SuperStar. It’s got it all. It’s summer proofed, pocket sized, and loud enough for a day of partying. Five hours of playback is plenty, but if you want to nitpick, there’s portable speakers that are larger and heavier that have 10+ hours of playback. Luckily, the Monster SuperStar will still wirelessly play music while it’s charging, and portable micro-USB chargers are small, light, and cheap enough. The Monster SuperStar Bluetooth Speaker is currently available in neon blue (pictured), space gray/black, and black/neon green. There’s three new colors coming soon. You can actually swap out the rubberized skin, but they’re (not yet) sold separately. Pricing in at $129.95 from Amazon (retails for $149.95), it’s a pricey Bluetooth Speaker, but it’s worth it if you’re looking for portability and quality.

The Good: Light, Portable, Stands up, Loud, Superior audio quality, Micro-USB rechargeable, Water resistant, Aux input, Colors

The Bad: No track controls, Pricier than average

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  1. Got a “monster” of my own since a couple o months back and I´m really a satisfied customer! It really delivers for it´s size and it´s sturdy enough to bring along everywhere.