Treehugger founder Graham Hill’s “Micro Apartment” on the Market

150 Sullivan

This 420 sq. ft. Soho apartment might look a little familiar. It’s gotten tons of press ever since owner Graham Hill showed off the results of a redesign courtesy of a couple architecture students—a redesign that packed eight rooms into one. Well, it seems like Hill is moving out, and you can move in, for a price. A high price.

The apartment is being listed on the market for $995,000. If you’re unacquainted, the 420 sq ft apartment has a master bed that folds up into one of the walls, along with a moveable partition that reveals an extra guest room with two more, smaller fold-out bunk beds. A table that can seat ten can be folded up into a smaller part of the kitchen counter, and there’s a sitting/standing desk on the far side of the apartment built into the wall. Speaking of walls, pretty much all of the wallspace that doesn’t hide fold-out furniture is used for storage. Still, it’s an apartment designed for minimalists—after all the transforming, it’s still just 420 sq ft.

You can check out the promotional video for the apartment to see for yourself. It definitely turns urban living into an art form, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s in Soho. Now all you need is $1 million!

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