Game Boy Inspired TravelBoy Backpack is Nostalgia for Your Back

TravelBoy Backpack

We love anything that reminds us of being a kid again and the latest backpack from ThinkGeek does just that.  Timely launched during Game boy’s 25th anniversary year –  Travelboy, a  Gameboy inspired backpack will hold your stuff and then some. We are talking several pouches and compartments to hide vinyl toys and of course your laptop or tablet.


This is the perfect backpack for fans of Nintendo’s glory days. The bag can hold all of your essentials and a few odds ends. The stitching and detailing of the bag is one of a kind. The D-pad and A B buttons are raised to give a life-like touch and feel experience.

But try as hard as you might, the Contra cheat won’t work, it will be just fun to re-enact.

The TravelBoy Backpack retails for $39.99 and you’ll never have to worry about changing the batteries…because this baby will last a long time.