Martian Notifier Watch Review – A Wearable Done Right

What do you really need from a Smartwatch other than real-time notifications? The new Martian notifier provides just that. It’s a classic looking timepiece with one exception: there’s a small OLED screen discreetly built into the face. This screen can display every notification that your iPhone or Android does, and with virtually no setup. You’ll always be privy to text messages, emails, Facebook comments, weather updates, calendar reminders, fitness updates, and more–it’s entirely up to you!

We love Martian’s approach. They’re not building an overwhelming amount of features into this smartwatch. It does what most people want it to and they can wait for Apple or Android to figure out the rest. You download the Martian Notifier app, and all of your phone’s regular notifications can be pushed to the watch. The notifications are customizable in that you can choose which you want to display and the vibrate pattern they trigger on the watch. You can universally adjust the vibrate intensity, scroll speed, scroll delay, and character limit for the small backlit OLED display. The screen isn’t huge, but it’s very clear. It’s pretty easy to glance over and read an entire text message or other notification. Tap the face, and you can reread your last notification.

While the Martian Notifier is mainly going to be used for notifications, there’s a few other neat features built in. Of course, it will display the regular time with the analog glow-in-the-dark hands, but it can also digitally display the world time and weather. You can set an hourly reminder to keep track of time. You can have it alert you if your phone falls out of range with the watch, so you don’t walk off without your phone. There’s no speaker or microphone, but a press of the top button will initiate Siri or voice activation so you can use your phone hands free. You can even put the watch into camera mode so pressing the top button will take a photo on your phone’s camera. There’s even an optional three second delay to make selfies easier than ever!

The Martian Watch looks like a pretty standard watch. The face is a little more luxurious than casual. There’s a chrome bezel, a Roman numeral 12, and ticks instead of hours. It’s a simplistic design. The black model is discreet looking, while the red and white models are a little flashier. The band is rubbery silicone, but designed to look like it has links like a metal band would. The watch band is removable without a tool and you can swap it out for one of nine colored bands. The Notifier is not especially large, thick, or heavy. It’s about average size for a Men’s watch.

It’s easy to fall in love with the Martian Notifier, especially since you know exactly what to expect–notifications! The extra features are nice bonuses. For a smartwatch the Notifier has one of the best batteries. It will get you nearly a week of battery life (6 days) on a single charge. It charges with a micro-USB cable, though it’s an extra long plug, so unless you trim down a regular micro-USB plug, you’ll have to stick with the one they provided. There’s a splash resistant port door so you can wash your hands without breaking it. When and if the battery dies, you still have a working watch! The analog clock has a replaceable button watch battery that should last up to two years.


Pricing in at $129.00, the Martian Notifier is one of the most affordable and practical smartwatches we’ve seen or reviewed. The interchangeable bands and color options allow you to spruce up the appearance to your liking. It will be on the larger side for women, but it’s quite comfortable and wearable. You can currently buy Martian’s Smartwatch in red, white, or black. There’s 9 colors of silicone quick-change watch bands for $20 and also different material bands like leather and stainless steel for $30. Everything’s available at MartianWatches.com.

iPod touch (5th generation)
iPad Air
iPad mini
iPad (3rd generation)
iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S
Android Smartphones with 2.3.3 or later
Android Tablets with 2.3.3 or later

The Good: Does notifications very well, Customizable/Personalizable, Backlit, Good battery life (6 days), Vibrating is very convenient and subtle, Camera shutter button option, Replaceable bands, Affordable, Classic design, Comfortable

The Bad: No music controls, Drains phone battery quicker, Won’t charge with most standard Micro-USB cables

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