Pile of Poop Emoji Gets Its Very Own Mask

Well, I guess the dunce cap went out of fashion a long time ago, unfortunately, so this will have to do. Doo. Doo doo. Haha. Get it? Doo. We can only guess that this unique headgear was inspired by the Pile of Poop Emoji. I mean, why else would you subject yourself to wearing ‘crap’ on your head.

Anyway, if someone is acting like a dunce, here’s their new well-earned headgear. It’s a mask shaped like poop. Except, not real poop, like what the neighbor’s dog leaves in your driveway. It’s more like the poop your Tamagotchi used to greet you with every day/hour/few minutes. So, your dumb friend can be publicly shamed by having to wear virtual pet crap from the’90s or for millennials an Emoji on their head. Seems fair enough.


It’s $30 from Amazon. Make sure you get your dunce friend to pony up that cash, though, or you’re going to be next in line to have to don this thing.