Synchros Reflect Bluetooth Sports Headphone Review

Everything about JBL’s Synchros Reflect Headphones amount to what should be an amazing pair of headphones. They’re wireless bluetooth with a 5 hour battery. They are sweat resistant so you can give them your best at the gym. They even have a built in microphone and ControlTalk buttons so you can make and take phone calls as well as control your music without ever touching your phone.

The Synchros Reflect are in-ear headphones that are connected together by nearly two feet of thick reflective cable. The buds are pretty large (they’re housing bluetooth and a battery), and they come with three different pairs of “stay-put” ear tips with stabilizers. The cable is adjustable in lenth and features an inline ControlTalk with volume buttons, universal button, and microphone. The universal button turns the device on and off, turns bluetooth pairing on, answers and ends phone calls, and even controls music.

The toughest thing about building a good pair of gym headphones (or any headphones, really) is designing it with fit in mind. If I’m going to empower my workout with music I need to know I’m not going to be constantly re-adjusting my headphones. These headphones were supposedly designed with fit in mind, however, we found it to be Reflect’s weakest feature. I had a few different people give them a go. I’m barely able to wear them sitting still. Some people had better luck with this, but struggled with them at the gym. It’s a shame because they’re essentially built for the gym and heavy activity

With a good fit, the JBL Reflects actually sound pretty solid. They’re on the warmer side and pretty bassy. The mids and highs are a little recessed, but they’re both still pretty detailed. Even though it’s not perfectly balanced, it’s still a very enjoyable audio experience. The extra bass is exactly what you want at the gym to keep you going.


On paper, the JBL Reflects should have been an amazing pair of headphones. They’re built for the gym and sound good enough for everyday headphones. The poor fit is enough to make you not want to use them, but your experience may vary. The 5 hour battery is on the lighter side for these types of headphones. For Bluetooth gym headphones, the price is actually on the more affordable side for $99.95 on Amazon.

Good: Wireless bluetooth, Micro-USB rechargeable, Inline ControlTalk, Microphone works well, Sweat proof, Adjustable cable, Reflective cable, Easy to pair, Lighweight

Bad: Hard to keep in-ear, Micro-USB cover always pops open