ColorWare Partners with iRobot to Deliver One Colorful Roomba 800

New year, new Roomba for ColorWare to play with. Last year, they went to town on the Roomba 780, with a whopping eight parts you could have painted individually. Things are a little more restrained this time around.

On the Roomba 800, you’ll be able to select colors for the top, handle, front ring, back ring, and bin release. The body will be coming in black no matter what, which might come as a disappointment, since that’s a lot of real estate you won’t be able to customize on your Roomba. For the parts you can customize, you’ll be able to pick from ColorWare’s standard palette of 29 metallic and 29 solid colors, with your option of matte or gloss finish.

All told, you’ll pay $200 if you send in your own Roomba or $700 if you want to buy a new, customized Roomba through ColorWare. There is no need to worry about chipping or peeling, so far the Roomba 800 has been able to handle loads of pet hair and the occasional smack into some wood molding. The paint job has remained unscathed.

Today, I think back to the beige and brown canister vacuum with the duct-taped hose that I grew up with, and I marvel. Our vacuums now move around of their own accord, and look cool while doing it. Surely, we are headed in the right direction as a species.