Real Hamsters Might Actually Be Able to Drive this Kid-Sized Kia Soul

The newest ride-on car isn’t even out yet, but you know that kid is already outside driving it around. No one knows how they got it early, but you throw your hands up and accept it, because that’s just how things work with those cool kids.

The Kid Trax Kia Sing-a-Long Soul is the ride-on version of Kia’s compact hatchback, except lavished with coolness that rivals the actual Kia Soul. It’s got speakers in the back, blue lights on the underside, and a sweet neon green paint job. Add on a working FM radio and an earphone jack for mp3 playback, and you have the most tricked out ride-on car of all time. The thing even comes with a couple of microphones and rock star sunglasses, to seal the deal. There’s even a place to dock a smartphone, which is something else that kid has, because they have everything, always.

Anyway, the Sing-a-Long Soul is the kind of thing that makes you sad and angry that you aren’t a kid in this day and age. You can still live vicariously through your own kids come this holiday season, when this king of all ride-on cars rolls into Toys R Us.