Sprint Takes on the Big Four with New Ambitious Monthly Plans

Sprint has unveiled new pricing for their off-contract monthly plans, and it looks like they’re aiming to soundly beat the rest of the big four when it comes to affordability.

Through Sprint Prepaid, you can now get monthly plans that all include unlimited talk and text. Past that, you’ll get 1 GB of data for $35 per month, 3 GB for $45, and 6 GB for $55. All that is on Sprint’s 3G/4G network, although for the 6 GB plan, Sprint does warn that video streaming may be relegated to the 3G network.

The plans are much cheaper than what T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon are offering. T-Mobile has 1 GB/3 GB/5 GB for $50/$60/$70, although they do offer an unlimited plan for $80, something Sprint doesn’t for their monthly, off-contract plans. With Verizon, you can only get 1 GB (if you sign up with auto-pay) for $45. AT&T offers 1 GB for $25, 2 GB for $40, 4 GB for $70, and 6 GB for $80, but those are all with the AT&T Next program, so you’ll be paying monthly payments on your phone on top of those monthly fees.

That said, Sprint was also found to have the slowest network in most of the country, by a fair margin. If you have the need for speed, it might still be worth it to look elsewhere. But, if you’re not concerned about having the fastest download speeds possible, the Sprint plans look like a pretty solid value compared to everyone else.