Try Not to Stab Your iPad with this Knife Holder Stand

That game is totally real, by the way. It’s real, and CTA Digital just raised the bar on everyone by combining even more things into one thing, which is how you win accessory games. Their Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Stand steps it up by throwing in a kitchen knife holder.

Alright, granted, maybe knives aren’t the first things you want near your iPad. It’s a pretty nice looking stand, though. The bamboo stand has slots for four knives and an included, matching stylus. The stand itself can be locked into three different angles, or can be laid flat for storage. I don’t know why you would store it, though, because it’s supposed to be your knife holder? Feel like you’re not getting the most out of your purchase if you store it, maybe.


Anyway, the best kitchen stand out there right now is on Amazon for about $22.