Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 Gets Refreshed, Now Even More Delicious Sounding

In-ear headphones are a dime dozen these days. So it takes something special to stand out. In steps Bowers & Wilkins C5 Series 2 in-ear headphones, a refresh of the 1st generation of the C5. Similar in popularity to the P5 Headphones that was just recently also refreshed, the C5 Series 2 is spectacular in design and function. The secure loop is back and newly improved, and this time it’s all black. All in all, it now provides an even more comfortable fit than before. This unique design concept is not common, if at all, found on other pairs of in-ear headphones. And what makes this design so different, is the fact that it will fit ANY ear, no matter what size.

Unfortunately, because of this unique fit, it may not be for everyone. To put it on your ears, you need to adjust the secure loop and it will lock into the rim of your ears. The loop keeps the ear buds in place without budging.

The C5 Series 2 is a delicious sounding pair of in-ear headphones. The experience is loud and robust, and makes you feel like you stuck one mini speaker into each ear. Music sounds lush and balanced. And while the Micro Porous Filter may look a bit obnoxious hanging out of your ear, because of this added feature, songs sound cleaner and crisper then ever. The in-line remote also experienced clean and crisp sound during calls.

The C5 Series 2 comes with a petite carrying case and additional comfort-fit ear buds for different ear sizes. Lets put it this way… if you are looking for a sublime, luxuriously sounding pair of  in-ear headphones. the latest generation of the C5 is the way to go. Unfortunately, some may be a little disconcerted with the secure loop and honestly, it isn’t for everyone. We had one user experience ear fatigue from the pressure of the loop inside their ear. Despite that, the audio experience is unparalleled and excellent. The C5 Series 2 In-ear headphones are available now and retails for $179.99.

Buy it!

The Good: Amazing sound quality. Luxurious design. Unique secure loop feature.

The Bad: Secure loop may not be for everyone.


  1. I hope version 2 is better than the originals. The Original C5’s are complete junk and B&W doesn’t seem to care. STAY AWAY from these and find some more reliable headphones. I have had these replaced four times in 18 months. Since the 2 year warranty is about up, I’m done with these. To answer people’s question if the warranty is extended when a pair is replaced, NOPE! Tried to discuss the obvious defect in these headphones with B&W USA and got absolutely nowhere. $200 for complete junk and a company that doesn’t care about making the product better. DO NOT BUY.

  2. To MNmtb
    Sounds like you were probably rough on your C5s and enjoyed them enough to get them replaced under warranty 4x, this speaks volumes about the willingness of B&W to cater to your shenanigans. As they say, fool me 4x shame on me.

    Just like it was said, “I sat through every disgusting minute of that film, twice!” Or four times…

    The original C5s are sublime, had mine for 18 months and no issues despite using them a ton and bringing them everywhere. Probably last longer if you keep them on your protective case, although I haven’t always been good about that