Dress Your Dog Up as an Ewok for Halloween, They’ll Definitely Love You For It

To celebrate Halloween and the announcement that the original Ewok himself, Warwick Davis, is returning for Star Wars Episode VII, let’s put the two together and get your dog in on the action, who may or may not kind of look like an Ewok anyway.

You can grab an Ewok costume for your dog straight off Amazon, which will come to your door courtesy of Petco. Honestly, we suggest you do it now, because Episode VII is coming out next year, and when next Halloween comes around, pretty much everyone’s dog is going to be dressed like an Ewok. If you’re going to make your dog dress up as an Ewok, the least you can do is make them feel special.

Also, if you don’t like this costume, there’s tons more where that came from down in the suggestions from Amazon, including the arguably superior AT-AT Walker dog costume. Actually, if you have enough dogs to subject these costumes to, you could probably just stage your own canine version of Episode VII. Good look topping that, Abrams.