Foreo Luna is the Ultimate Gadget for Exfoliating: Review

Foreo Luna

If you aren’t familiar with the brand Foreo… then you better start paying attention. The company is shaking up the skincare industry with unique beauty gadgets that will make your skin glisten and feel renewed. But the company doesn’t just want women’s skin to look good – but men’s too. To that effect, the Luna is their flagship anti-aging and facial cleaning system. This device challenges stalwart brands like Clarisonic Mia or Olay Pro X.

One of the most standout features of the Foreo Luna is the design. It is easy to hold and smoothly glides across your face. It has T-Sonic pulsations that power the silicone bristles that sweep away the blackheads in those pesky pores. The Luna also manages to get deep into the pores and leaves your face feeling clean after 1 minute of use. The key is to use it in conjunction with whatever cleanser you’re currently using. I paired the Luna with the ClarityMD, a cleanser that already leaves your face feeling clean and refreshed. Combine that with the Luna, and my face has taken on a whole new dimension.

You can cycle through several different speeds on the Luna that work best for you. Each one provides a different sensation on your skin. The Luna I used was for Sensitive/Normal skin. My face always felt smooth after using it, and didn’t exhibit any redness.

After several days of using the device, in the morning and then at night, I could see the difference in my skin. My pores looked smaller and I had this lovely glow. I also didn’t need to charge it very often either – it has lasted so far a month on a single charge. So go ahead and dump your washcloth… this is all you need to wash your face ever again.


There are so many exfoliating devices on the market now, many of which cost a fraction of the price of the Foreo Luna. However, many of them require you to replace the pads after several uses, and quite honestly they do not compare in quality, design, and function. For $199 you are not only getting a unique beauty device, but a lifelong friend for your face. We conclude that the Luna is a must for your everyday skincare management.

Buy it!

The Foreo Luna is available for $199 and is available for Ultra-Sensitive Skin, Sensitive /Normal Skin, and Combination Skin types.