Guess Who is Coming Back! Casio Vintage Watches Return in Style

Casio is releasing some classy takes on an old classic. The Casio Vintage Collection takes an old design favorite and makes it look upscale enough for a night out. Which means yeah, we now live in a world where you can make a digital Casio watch work with formal wear. Strange times.

The Casio Vintage Collection takes a few retro Casio digital watch designs and steeps them in refinement. There will be six new watches in the collection, four coming with gold bands and faces and two coming with silver bands and faces. The diamond pattern on that A168WG-9 in particular has it going on. But, aside from the style, they all have the same digital watch faces with LED backlights as you’d expect from a classic Casio watch. You’ll also get the trio of stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm, but in a way more swanky body than you might be used to.

Fortunately, the prices are anything but swanky. Those gold pieces (A159WGEA-1, A168WG-9, LA680WGA-9, LA670WGA-9) range from $40 to $65, while the silver pieces (LA670WA-7, LA680WA-7) come in at $30 each. All of the new vintage watches should be available soon, although the A159WGEA-1 is available now for $65.



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