The Lightning Cable Just Got a Boozy Upgrade

No good has ever come of operating a smartphone while intoxicated. Well, check that. No good ever comes of it for you. But, you can deliver great times for everyone else, especially when you use your iPhone 6 with the GoBuddy+.

The Kanex GoBuddy+ is a charge and sync cable for Lightning devices, but that’s boring, so they threw a bottle opener on there for good measure. That way, when you pop open a few too many bottles on a Friday night (or Tuesday night, whatever), you can immediately sync any and all mistakes made, or make sure your phone is charged enough for you to send all those texts you’ve been meaning to send to your ex.

But yeah, this is actually a pretty good idea. Carrying around charging cables always sucks, so it’s nice to be able to have it attached to something useful. It’s also keychain-friendly, for maximum convenience. You can grab the GoBuddy+ from Kanex for £25, which comes out to about $40. It comes in black and white. If you’re not an Apple user, even better news for you! There’s a Micro USB version, and it’s cheaper, at £20 (roughly $32).