Skullcandy and Budweiser Team Up For a Limited Edition Air Raid

If Bud is your brew of choice, looks like the perfect portable speaker for you is here, courtesy of Skullcandy and Budweiser.

The Skullcandy x Budweiser Air Raid portable speaker is going to be available as of today at some retailers, but it might be tough to get your hands on one. Only 1,000 units were produced, and we’re not sure exactly where these are popping up, so you’ll need to employ all of your Internet detective skills to track them down (or just relax and wait for them to show up on eBay, your call).

The body of the speaker features a high-quality print of the classic Budweiser logo that graces so many cans, bottles, and pool halls. The Air Raid itself is built to party. It gets very loud, can survive drops, and is water-resistant. I’m assuming water-resistant also means beer-resistant, which is the main thing to take away from this.