SOL Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker Review

Sol Republic PUNK

SOL Republic’s PUNK is their tiniest Bluetooth speaker yet, and the company’s first entry into the ultraportable Bluetooth speaker arena. This little speaker is small enough to hold in one hand and carry around in some pockets. But don’t let its petite size fool you, because it’s a lot more powerful then most other ultraportable bluetooth speakers we have tested. As a matter of fact, it sounds as good and as loud as the first gen DECK speaker that was released back in 2012.

The PUNK isn’t just cute either – it’s also water, dust and shock resistant too. So it can take a fair amount of beating. It also sports a quarter-inch threaded mount so that it can easily be mounted on your bike or a camera mount.

When it comes to battery life, PUNK sports an 8 hour battery life that is 50% more than the other speakers its size. The Bluetooth range is also above par and goes as far as up to 60 feet. There is also a convenient 3.5mm jack built-in – something that many other ultraportable speakers lack.


This is one little PUNK of a speaker. But don’t let its size deceive you, because this ultraportable Bluetooth speaker packs a serious punch. As a matter of fact it sounds as good and plays as loud as the 1st gen DECK speaker was much bigger in size. The PUNK is also the most powerful Ultraportable bluetooth wireless speaker we have come across yet. The powerful sonics, combined with great battery life and Bluetooth range, will make the PUNK a great stocking stuffer come December. SOL Republic’s PUNK is currently available in 3 colors – black, horizon blue, and fluoro red, with 4 more fun color choices on their way.

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The Good: Rugged and ready to withstand the elements, very powerful audio for its size, fun color choices, fun compact design, very good battery life for its size, can be mounted on a bike, built in 3.5mm jack, great Bluetooth range

The Bad: Audiophiles need not apply – but should look towards the 2nd gen DECK speaker, no built-in speakerphone

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  1. is that a mono-speaker? Think dual speakers are compact enough these days to make mono-speakers somewhat unnecessary. They just sound so much better…