Speck DuraFolio Case for iPad Mini – An Ideal Everyday iPad Mini Case

Looking for a straightforward, lightweight case that offers great protection for your iPad Mini? The DuraFolio from Speck is a great choice.

The DuraFolio has a very slim profile, adding just 0.3″ to the size of the Mini. The texture of the cover is very easy to grip with one hand, but should it ever slip from your hand or off the desk, your iPad should be fine. This case is designed with dual-layer protection, so that despite its slim form factor, it offers good drop protection. Speck claims the DuraFolio offers “Military-Grade protection” which translates to protection from falls up to 4 feet. That should certainly be adequate for most users.

The cover includes a magnetic closure, which also turns the iPad on and off. As is common with many folio cases, the cover also works as a stand. The DuraFolio, however, does this much better than most, allowing for many viewing angles. This is in part due to the unique design of the back of the cover as well as the extra ridges on the left side of the case. The ridges catch in the shallow grooves on the inside of the cover, helping to maintain your viewing angle.

As you’d expect, all the ports and buttons are easily accessible. The power and volume buttons are extended for easier control. There is also a hole in the back for the extra mic on the iPad Mini with Retina display.


This is one of our favorite cases for the iPad Mini. It’s simple, lightweight and offers great protection. The price isn’t bad, either. You can pick one up for $59.95. It’s available in five color combinations (Black/Poppy Red, Deep Sea/Mykonos/Slate, Black/Slate, Fuchsia/White, Slate/Peacock). So, go pick out the color you like best and order it today.

Good: Lightweight, great drop protection, easy to grip

Bad: None