Speck ShowFolio Case for iPad Mini – A Folio Case That Brings Peace to the Backseat

If you need to spend more than 10 minutes in a car with kids these days, you’re going to need some way to entertain them. Many newer vehicles have screens built into the headrests in order to watch movies. What do you do if your car doesn’t have that feature? Speck has the perfect case for you—the ShowFolio for iPad Mini!

At first glance, it looks like a standard folio case, but turning it over, you see something unique. There are two red plastic hooks attached to elastic bands. For what purpose? These hooks will attach to the headrests in most cars, effectively turning your backseat into a movie theater or game station for your passengers. While testing these out in a few vehicles, we found that they are very easy to install and fit securely onto the headrests. This is a great idea for young children who may drop or damage the iPad if they try to hold it themselves.

The cover includes a magnetic closure for easily turning the iPad on and off, but also holds the cover securely closed despite the fact that it opens downward. In addition to being used in the car, the case works well on its own, although it is bulkier and a little heavier than a standard case. The cover has the familiar tri-fold design, allowing the iPad to be positioned at several viewing angles.

The frame is solid and should provide adequate protection for normal use. The buttons and ports are easily accessible. Since this case will work with the original iPad Mini as well as the Retina model, there is also a hole on the back for the secondary mic. At first glance, it looks as if the speakers are covered up, but in actuality they have redirected the sound toward the viewer. It doesn’t make a huge difference, but it helps a bit—in no way diminishing the sound.

A unique feature of this case is that it is the first of a new line called the Shift Modular System. What Speck is hoping to do is have one case with modular accessories, allowing you to adapt your case to different activities, presumably without the need to buy a whole new case. Changing from one cover to another is super easy. On the left side of the case there are two tabs which hold the cover securely in place. To remove it, you simply slide the tabs to the unlock position and you’re ready to exchange covers. Incidentally, you could also use it as a simple bumper case. It’s very light this way and easy to hold.


The ShowFolio case tried something unique and pulled it off. Its design for in-car viewing is well thought out and the construction is solid and backed by a one-year warranty. It comes in two color combinations (Black/Slate, Black/Poppy Red). The price may seem a bit high at $69.95, but considering the ability to use other interchangeable modular pieces in the near future, it will prove to be economical. You can order one today directly from Speck!

Good: Innovative design for in-car viewing, modular system shows promise, can use case without the cover

Bad: A bit heavy for everyday use